Mon Jun 14 2021

Firmware v0.11.1 released:

Wed May 12 2021

Firmware v0.11.0 released:

Wed Apr 21 2021

JDW has published an excellent, detailed video review of MacSD on his YouTube channel, covering installation in an SE/30, configuration, image transfer, benchmarking and more:

Sat Mar 20 2021

Firmware v0.10.2 released:

Wed Dec 16 2020

Firmware v0.10.0 released:

Mon Oct 26 2020

Firmware v0.9.2 released:

Mon Oct 5 2020

Firmware v0.9.1 released:

Mon Sep 28 2020

Firmware v0.9.0 released:

Fri Sep 25 2020

Firmware v0.8.0 released:
33 MHz Default 48 MHz Overclock 57 MHz Overclock
DAC resolution 12.45-bit 13.02-bit 13.28-bit
Dynamic range 75.0 dB 78.4 dB 80.0 dB
Gain -0.53 dB -0.39 dB -0.30 dB

Wed Sep 23 2020

Firmware v0.7.1 released:

Sat Sep 19 2020

Support for >4GB disk images is in progress. In addition to image files on the main FAT32 filesystem, HDD devices may be mapped directly to the other primary paritions on the SD card. These partitions can be managed in Linux using dd.

Mon Sep 14 2020

Firmware v0.7.0 released:
33 MHz Default 48 MHz Overclock 57 MHz Overclock
Configuration system_clock_mhz=33 / none system_clock_mhz=48 system_clock_mhz=57
Card frequency 16.5 MHz 24 MHz 28.5 MHz
Maximum transfer speed 2.06 MB/s 3.00 MB/s 3.56 MB/s
CD audio DAC resolution 12-bit 13-bit 13-bit

Sat Sep 12 2020

Firmware v0.7.0 is in testing and adds two overclocking modes, increasing the system clock to 150% and 178%.

Thu Aug 27 2020

Added CAD/STL file for the 3.5" bay mounting bracket in the Files section.

Thu Aug 13 2020

Firmware v0.6.9 released:

Tue Aug 4 2020

Firmware v0.6.8 released: